Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grandma B, Grandma C & Grandma G

In one week the kids have seen all of their grandmas and grandpa, too.

On Friday Grandma Carol came over to visit. She was in town from Alaska and had a chance to visit Scotty for the first time. It was a nice time. Allison was so full of energy (and sugar) she was pretending that the table was a trampoline and had Grandma Carol swing her around.

On Saturday we went over to Grandma GoGo's house for the annual cookie decorating party and exchange. Allison was the star of the show. She first decorated the cookies in a cowgirl ballerina outfit she put together herself. Later she changed into a boa, tiara and jelly shoes to dance. Next year she will have to share the spotlight with her brother and new baby cousin, we will see how she likes that.

Today Grandma & Grandpa Brown came to visit and deliver Christmas presents to their precious grand babies. They had a fun time playing with Allison and spoiling Scotty with all the hugs and carrying around.
Allison just adores them and has such a fun time when they are here. I hope soon, they come and stay permanently.

After such a busy weekend Allison finally took an afternoon nap, the first time in about 2 weeks.

P.S. I am now regretting the nap this afternoon, she has yet to fall asleep and is now playing princesses in her room as I type this. Oh well, at least she was not a horrid monster at dinner tonight. Have a goodnight.

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