Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Well that seemed very short, this Christmas I mean. The build up was great and very exciting since it was the first Christmas Allison really understood Santa and it was Scotty's first Christmas. That was fun, but, well, the presents were opened too quickly, the dinners and visits were all day events and the time seemed to fly by.
But it was all worth it. Every last exhausting minute and I have already started planning for next year, I really can't wait.

Daddy & the kids on Christmas Eve at Grandma Gloria's

Scotty & Daddy chillin', Scotty got really hot so he stayed in his diaper most of the evening which he really enjoyed

Someone looks really excited to open some presents

Just adorable

Charlie & Allison jammin'

She got her own Barbie guitar

After an exhausting Christmas Eve she was ready to go home. But in the morning she was surprised with Santa's visit

Ok, she doesn't look really surprise, more like confused. But she got into the spirit of things soon enough...

This ball pit has been a great present. Poor Scotty, all by himself while everyone was tearing into their loot.

Don't worry Daddy will share his loot...

This has provided hours of entertainment for the two of them.

Scotty looking all grown up ready to celebrate Christmas Day over at Aunt Helen's

Scotty & me ready to go (I haven't looked this good since, well, I can't really remember a time, maybe it was before kids that I actually got to straighten my hair and apply makeup)

I just love Allison's outfit. She now has 4 tutus and counting.

And this last one is for Scott. Just because you think it is SO funny.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...now on to the New Year!!!!

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