Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on Friday...

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, I don't think I could have asked for anything better. Scott was home and we all went to Costco, then drove around looking at farms/ranches. Our newest idea was buying some land and having a small farm. Well after alot of driving around in the hot dry country I decided I don't want to move. I love our 3 bedroom 1 bath house and the neighborhood. Everyone around us is great and our neighbors are friendly and have known Scott since he was a boy (the house has been in the family forever). There are a few things I want that will make it our dream home and the list isn't very long, so it's doable. As long as we live here we can expand our family and I can stay home with them. In a few years when the house is paid off, Scott will be able to have four day weekends more often and we can enjoy the wonderful evenings together like we did last night.

We grilled boneless ribeye steaks that were 1 inch thick and the most delicious thing I have tasted. I don't eat alot of red meat so this was a treat for all 3 of us. We did give Allison some of her own steak and some of the tomato salad, made with just pick, really ripe roma and beefsteak tomatoes, fresh basil (both from our garden), some mozerella cheese and balsamic vinager and good olive oil. She ate 2 helpings of the salad and alot of steak. After we were finished I had quite a bit of steak left over so I handed it to Allison to see what she would do, well look at that she loves meat.

Who doesn't like a good steak, I ask you???

I hope all of you had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend...Oh yeah, I said a funny thing happened on Friday...well take a look at Allison's new skill...I can't help but laugh every time I see her do it.

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