Monday, July 13, 2009

Watermelon & Wigs

This weekend we went to the sidewalk sale/watermelon festival in our town. It was alot of fun and Allison had a great time shopping with the big girls, eating watermelon and playing in the park. She went down her first slide and giggled and smiled each time.

Sunday was were the wigs come in. We are attending a disco party & dance on Saturday (I have the best costume found it for $5 at the sidewalk sale)so we had to try on wigs and accesories at Grandma Gloria's. She is a collector of everything dress up and you can have a blast going through wigs and dresses and jewelry and boas and shoes until you find what you are looking for.
Scott has been looking for a wig for a Christmas project we are working on so he tried on the first wig. We have never laughed so hard. Since he had a wig on I had to have one also, I can't let him be funnier then me, and then Holly joined in. Poor Allison didn't have a clue when she came into this world that her parents were such goofballs, oh well, she will just have to join in on the fun...

After all that excitement Holly and I learned the hustle and the 4 step so we can "cut a rug" as the dancers say, on Saturday night.
Hope all of you have a wonderful day and had a weekend as fun as ours!!!

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