Thursday, July 16, 2009


I love my Gourmet subscription. Every month I wait for the great recipes that sound so good and try to plan time to make them. Recently though, I have let them pile up, no time to read when a diapered toddler sees that you are reading and decides that an open magazine is the only place to sit. So when I had some time yesterday during her nap I picked up the July entertaining issue and just fell in love with all the goodness that was packed inside.
I just can't wait to start entertaining our large circle of friends with all the extra time I have. I am glad that they include quicker dishes so I can get my gourmet on and satisfy the foodie in me.
As I was reading though, I had a grand idea, why wait until a special occasion to try out a recipe that are a little more complicated but much more satisfying than the ones that I collect from convinence food sites. Why not try them now? There is no reason to wait, family is so special, create something spectacular for them and you feel good in doing so and they will feel good in knowing you care that much for them.
I mean who doesn't like a really great meal loaded with all the fresh summer produce and fruits. Corn and tomatoes in a salad or just a fresh berry cake can make a humdrum meal into something that the family will ask for until summer is over and you have to move on to fall produce.

I have declared Fridays as the day we try something new and delicious, Foodie Friday, I might call it, but it will be something we can all look forward to after a hectic week of working. An evening we can slow down and savor the time before the weekend is in full swing and we're off again doing busy family things. A time we can connect as a family and enjoy each others company and talk about the coming events and weeks and plans for the future and...ok it's getting a little weird here...but you get the point, a time for us to connect.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!
Allison is turning ONE tomorrow so I hope all of you are looking forward to a lot of pictures and sappy stuff (just a warning)

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