Friday, July 17, 2009

One Year Ago, Our Lives Changed Forever

One year ago I bent over to get some grated cheese out for dinner and my water broke, the next day Allison was born. I don't remember much of my hospital stay, only that it was a miserable time up until I saw my little precious daughter for the first time, everything change right then.

just minutes old

Being a mommy has changed me, I can now change diapers with one hand, clean snot out of her hair when she's upset and eat chewed up food she pulls out of her mouth without hesitation cause feeding mama is funny.

still just a curious little baby

In the past year she has changed so much it is unbelievable. She went from a non moving slug baby into a crab walk baby and is now into the stage I like to call "walk in circles and over stuff and try to climb, but can't quite make it run from the vacuum and oven timer and bottle warmer, screaming, arms flailing" stage. It is hilarious to watch her now, just starting to discover everything, so curious and proud when she does something great.

these toes do in fact have ketchup on them

Her skills she is proud to show off are:

- brushing her hair
- brushing her teeth
- putting on her necklaces
- pull clothes over her head (like putting on a shirt)
- take off a diaper and run around nude
- read to whoever will listen
- eat anything in her sight as long as it has ketchup on it
- drink out of a big girl cup
- play chase and peek a boo
- applauds daddy when he is playing Rock Band
- helps mommy in the kitchen by emptying the tupperware lids and containers so I can reorganize them every day, 2 - 3 times a day...big help here, I love organized tupperware
- empties the bottom shelf of the fridge everyday
- helps to set the table by taking out any red condiment she can find and carry it around until I am not looking and then hides it somewhere clever and mommy doesn't find it until 2 hours later

The list can go on and on, she is a gifted and very smart little girl (not a baby anymore) and her daddy and I are so happy and blessed to have her in our lives. She is truly a gift from God and we love her.

outgoing little girl with the whole world ahead of her, doesn't a lot of hair make a big difference?? she finally looks like a girl most of the time

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