Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guess I Should Update

4th of July was fun. We cooked some ribeye steaks on the bbq and had fresh green beans and potatoes...delish.
Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for my sisters visit. She will be staying with us for about 2 weeks, if not longer. It will be fun, I have a very busy schedule this month and she is in for a treat since last time she was here we didn't really do anything.
Today I worked out. First time I worked out in, I don't know, like 2 years. And I mean I worked out, not a little 2 mile stroll through the park. Now I am tired but ready to take on the day. I really am out of shape so I was out of breath and tired 2 minutes into it but I stuck it out...it will only get easier.
Right now I am enjoying a cup of coffee and the peace and quiet thinking about breakfast and going shopping once Allison wakes up.

Allison will be one in 10 days, I am really surprised at how fast they grow up...it goes by quick. I remember the day we brought her home and the way our lives changed for the better. It has been quite the adventure.
Oh, and is there such a thing as the terrible 1's because I think she is it. She screams all the time, at everything and at anytime, driving around, in the store, in the house, in my ear...then we bring her outside where she can scream all she wants and she is as qiuet as a mouse...go figure. Does anyone have any idea how to make her stop screaming??? I am at a loss. PLEASE HELP!!! ANY IDEAS AT ALL!!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!

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