Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 Things

Five things that went on this weekend. I was going to do ten but, I couldn't think of that many. It's too rainy and cold to think and I am sleepy and just want to cuddle up and rest. So 5 will have to do.

1. Allison likes marshmallows but only if they are melted and in smores...never whole...eeeewwww
2. Being this good looking can get you anything you want, she got a pink piggy bank from one of the ladies at our bank.

3. The best thing in the world, Allison has discovered is a screen door. She spent most of Saturday night playing with the screen door at a dinner we went to.

4. Vintage toys rock. Especially when you run as fast as you can dragging it behind you...it's so fun & it makes noise when you do it...alot of noise.

5. Climbing on tables with a dress on is only ok if you are a toddler, if I did it people might start tipping me

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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