Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been going through Allison's clothes and packing away summer stuff and things she has out grown. I found a few jackets and tried one of them on her, just adorable.

I love fall and winter. I started decorating for Halloween a bit and have decorated our room for fall/winter season. Next, we move on to Allison's room and finish that up. Then to the living room/dining room. I have big plans for that room. Something totally different that won't cost any money.

Alright, enough talking here are a few pictures to get you through the weekend. Scott has to work this weekend so who knows what trouble Allison and I will get into but we will be sure to let you know!!!
comfy place to sit...on the diaper bag

camera ham

her beloved chapstick

nothing like a cool drink in the morning and new monkey jammies

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