Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thrill the World 2009 Chico, CA

First off I have to say sorry about the pictures. The City decided to build a new town square and didn't spend too much time with the planning commission. The acoustics suck, the sun is always in your eyes and the fountain is recirculated water that has caused a few things to go bad like people getting sick and what not.

But anyway we went and watched the "THRILL THE WORLD 2009" down at the good ol' city center and had fun.

Grandma and her friend Zoe were zombies and they looked great in there makeup.

I saw a lot of great zombies out there but was too short to see over all the people so I didn't see the dance or get many pictures until after the performance.

I got to meet this really great "Michael Jackson". She looked great.
This is Elizabeth as Michael...great job!!!

I also tired to get a few words from the lady who had put the dance together. I believe her name is Kathy. She was really busy with an interview so I just snapped her picture (I hope you don't did a great job with the whole thing)
I met her at the Palio, she was running the "Thrill the World" booth, here she is in full zombie costume.

All in all it was a great performance from what I could hear since I was too short to see it. I hope they do it again next year. Allison and I are ready to dance. We even tried on some zombie makeup.

At least Allison did. She makes the cutest...I mean scariest...zombie.

getting spooked by grandma zombie

even little zombies need some play time with daddy

Thrill the World was great...I hope they made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. I will try and find out and let all of you out there in Zombie Land know,
Good Night.

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