Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Week

Sorry for lack of posts last week. I have been working on an article for a gardening blog I will be contributing to. Alot has been going on. Allison has revealed her lastest and greatest talent, as seen here.

All three of us goof off pretty much all the time, our motto "don't take life too seriously, you may never get out alive", here's what happened when we were playing around.

Also, this is what happens when you leave your child unattended for 5 minutes, it gets quiet and you know something that shouldn't be happening is...

With all the fun we had this weekend it's hard to believe Allison is teething. Not those wimpy little front teeth, but molars, 2 of them. Poor thing has drooled a gallon, hasn't been sleeping and is not eating very well. She is just in pain. Last night we gave her some infant motrin and she finally slept through the night, thank god. She is actually still sleeping, which is a miracle in itself.
It has been cold (todays high 71)(ok, for a California girl this is cold, just last week we were in the 90's and swimming), so I am getting out all of the fall/winter clothes & shoes. Changing the bedding to warmer comforters and getting out fall candles and decorating in fall colors. I know as soon as I am done it will be back in the 100's.
Fall, in fact the whole holiday season is going to be different. Last year Allison was still very new and didn't really know what was going on. But this year is going to be so much fun.I am excited about going to the pumplin patch this year,decorating for halloween and going trick or treating. At Christmas we are going to put up the entire tree and decorate in multi colors, not my usual silver and white. We are going to bake cookies and listen to tons of Christmas music, and have a huge family dinner. Our focus this year will be family and spending time with one another, not the presents, even though Allison is getting tons of stuff, I have been shopping for her since last Christmas.
Well, I have talked your ear off already, so I am gonna go. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

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