Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out

Power was out last night. It sucked. It was boring. Everyone was bored, even Allison. With the lights out and no video games blaring in the background it is hard to find something to do. We made dinner in the dark, ate in the dark, gave Allison her bath in the dark (I had to shine the light in her face to make sure I got all the spaghetti sauce off, she smeared it all over her face and hair).

Scott and I were glancing at some magazines and Allison decided she wasn't going to be ignored so she did this.

If you can't guess what's coming next, brace yourself for the shocking conclusion...

Here's a close up if you couldn't tell what was going on.

Instead of making her get down to a safe level I ran and got the camera, because people, I have to show all of you on the internet what an adventerous kid I have.

She climbed up there all by herself, she wasn't sitting in it, if thats what you are thinking. We have decided we are going to put it out back and use it as a jungle gym.

To top it off
Here's a quote from Allison
"It really sucks eating in the dark, I mean really, who wants to eat something you can't see. I would rather rub it all over myself."

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