Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Backyard Waterfall & Other Weekend Stuff

This weekend we finished our koi pond waterfall. For 10 years we have had a dinky little water spitting hose that barely oxygenated the water.

Now we have Niagra.

Scott cleaning out the years of sludge off the bottom...totally stinky but good for compost.

The koi are so happy and active. The water is so clear you can see the bottom.

Scott worked very hard to rig up solar panels and attach a different filter the the pump. He got everything working on the first try. Awesome!!!

All I need to do is get some plants and ping ping fish or algae snails and we are finished.

We also had to replace some sprinklers around the yard.
(she loves the sprinklers)

2 years ago, when a huge storm hit, it knocked over one of our evergreens and we are finally replacing it with some sort of fruit tree, so we added an extra sprinkler where the tree will be and replaced some that broke after the tree fell.

Allison's second birthday prep is going well, got all the shopping done yesterday, just need to get her a gift, maybe a trike or baby doll. She really liked the power wheel cars, maybe we'll get her a car!! What do you think?

We got a shade canopy, that I will put up today. I also have to bake some brownies for the brownie sundaes. Everything is going pretty smoothly. Yesterday I was exhausted since I had to run tons of errands and clean the kitchen and then regular housework so today I am making it a point to only do the regular chores and then take Allison on a picnic and swimming.

I think we can both use some fun and sun.

Have a wonderful day, I am off to make some grits and ham.

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