Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gardening 101 & Please Vote for Allison

Good Morning!

Since it is such a beautiful morning and Wednesdays are my gardening day I thought I would take you on a tour of our vegetable garden. It is not a very big garden, just enough for the family with a bit extra to put up for the winter. We designed the garden area and did all the work ourselves around 8 years ago. I just love our garden, it gets the right amount of sun and is small enough to maintain easily.

Here is our harvest so far.
The tomato season is a little slow this year, but I bet by mid August we will have tomatoes coming out our ears. The jalepenos are delicious, I throw them on the grill with steaks and eat them as a side yummy and not too hot.

Allison and I also headed out to the farmers market this morning to pick up a few things for breakfast, some cinnamon rolls & strawberries. They were good. I also grabbed some corn for dinner...nothing beats fresh corn and an order form for chickens from a local farm.

Have a wonderful day, I'm off to do some more yard work in preparation for Allison's birthday.

Side Note:
Please vote for Allison as the next Gerber baby.

Click here and cast your vote, you can vote everyday if you wish, we have until the end of July to get as many votes as possible. We appreciate your vote and please pass the word along!

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