Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Love Swimmin'

Allison loves swimming. She can have blue lips, goose bumps and shivering while she talks and still won't get out.

She dressed up special to see Aunt Helen

Today we had a play date with our friend Pam and her 2 grandkids, Sienna and Luca. Aunt Helen had invited us to go swimming at her daughters house. I couldn't pass up the chance to see Allison swim in a big people pool so we headed over this afternoon. She had a blast.

She is meeting Sienna for the first time. Allison kept calling her tiny baby even though Sienna is 15 months

She finally went under and got her hair wet. After this there was no turning back she wanted to go further & further into the pool.

Here she is with Luca, she loved playing with her.
Pam let Allison use Sienna's float which was awesome. It gave Allison some freedom, she could kick her legs and move her arms like she was swimming...she yelled swimmin' swimmin' a couple of times to announce that she was actually doing it by herself. She felt like such a big girl, I was so proud of her.

She shared a snack with the girls while floating on a raft. Watermelon and cantalope of all things. I bought, cut up and chilled a huge watermelon and cantelope and she wouldn't even touch them. But these were not from our house, Pam had brought them. I think since the other girls were eating it she decided to partake...either way she liked it so I won't complain.

On the way home she announced "swimming fun Helen!" so I think she had a great time and is ready to go back whenever she can.

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