Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Allison

Happy Birthday Princess!!!

She was definitley the life of her party!!!

This weekend was fun. We did everything that Allison could think of.

Rock Band anyone???

her favorite game by the way, she loves to sing.

Then she chose to eat Chinese food which she remided us of every 5 minutes until it was time to leave, here she is ready to go...waiting on mom & dad again.

I created this flower center piece from a picture I found online. I didn't have enough sunflowers so I filled it in with some shredded yellow paper. I thought it looked cute.

The next 3 I just put in some recycled jars and set up on the mantle. I love fresh flowers and yellow ones at that, especially in the summer.

Scott & I got her her very own pair of plip plops (as she calls them), she was rather excited about this one.

Aunt Helen, Uncle Lance, Cousins Tyler and Cassie hiding in the shade because it was so darn hot. We did end up moving inside for ice cream sundaes and present opening.

Helen & Allison

Allison with my parents munching on chips and fresh from the garden salsa. She must have eaten half the bowl. She won't even touch commercial salsa, I guess homemade is always better.

Scott, Allison and my Dad.

She did have a few more guests stop by. Her great grandpa was there, Grandma Gloria and Charlie, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jeff, and Neta, Allison's favorite neighbor (the one she is always spying on) stopped by with a dolly stroller and got some kisses in return.
I wish I had gotten pictures of them but I was so busy I barely got the pictures I did.
Now I have to start preparing for next weekend...the baby shower. All I have to do is make the food, easy as pie...

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