Thursday, July 22, 2010

The List Just Gets Longer & Longer...

Well the baby shower is on Sunday and I still have to make the food. All pretty easy but I am procrastinating a bit. We have to go to Costco tomorrow to get some cookies and other things for the shower. I still have to make the cookie envelopes for the thank you gifts, about 24 of them. And I'm going to MIL house to help set up on Saturday and drop off some of the food, if it's ready...

I have to make a special trip to Walmart to get some onsies for Allison since she is going through a nudist phase and while I am there I should pick up the extra things I need for Scott jr.

Allison's twin bed arrived today. Trying to stuff a twin bed, a crib, a rocking chair, toys, bookcase and stuffed animals into a 10x10 room is nearly impossible, but doable. I have alot of organizing and rearranging to do in there but right now it is a disaster, thank god the baby shower is at Gloria's.

My whole house looks as if every cupboard, drawer and closet exploded and ended up on the floor. I am going to spend tomorrow afternoon cleaning and cooking as much as possible, then fall asleep from exhaustion.

After Sunday though, we have nothing planned, except maybe a few family things, a date night and Allison might go stay with Grandma one night (what a nice break that will be) for all of us.

I gotta go. An ice cream sundae is calling my name and I think I will make a double scoop with chocolate sauce, nuts and 2 cherries on top. Another 40 oz of water and 30 trips to the bathroom tonight and I will be ready to hit the hay...have a good night y'all.

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