Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Should Have Posted Yesterday

Weigh in 138.6.
I have been busy. My sister is coming in on Monday, Scott's birthday is Monday and I still haven't bought anything for him, not even a card. I have been trying to get back on schedule after the Easter party and haven't had much luck. I have been walking 2 miles a day and have cut out all real sugar (I still have sweet & low in my coffee and yes I am still drinking it). I crave real sugar so badly that I cleared out the cupboards in hopes I would find some stray candy bar or something that would help cure the sweet tooth. I didn't find anything.
Yesterdays food was good, as in taste.
Coffee for breakfast, creamer, sweet & low
2 breadsticks and some leftover lazy day lasagne for lunch
Dinner was tofu stirfry, brown rice and egg flower soup, so yummy, I could eat it all the time but Scott has to have meat once in a while.

Allison had a small accident yesterday. She was playing and showing off for grandma and had the letter I in her mouth (she likes to chew on her bath letters). Well she fell forward and got the I lodged inher throat, it was sticking out a bit, but the look of fear on her face scared me so bad. Luckily Grandma came to the rescue and pulled the letter right out of her mouth and saved the day!! I panicked a bit and didn't react fast enough. Anyway Allison cried and cried until we said we were going shopping, then she was just fine. We went to Target to get baby proofing stuff and I found some other things that were really important to have.
I picked out this really cute outfit for Allison

And I found this bumper because she always pushes her head into the bars of the crib when she's sleeping

And here is little miss princess just waking up this morning super cute.

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