Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Friday

Well Sis called me last night and she is back home but not really sure what's going to happen next. We will see what the future has in store soon enough, right now she needs time to refocus her energy to herself and stop getting sad/upset over things that happened in the last few months.
Anyway, today is really windy so Allison and I didn't take a walk and I really haven't been eating all that great the past couple of days. Maybe it's all the yummy Easter candy I bought last week, you think??
I have a pretty good post to publish about diet and exercise but it needs a little tweaking and adjusting...and I just don't feel like doing it today.
So it is finally Friday, Scott came home early and we ran a few errands, got a movie to watch tonight. Speaking of movies have any of you seen Resident Evil:Degeneration?
I like the movie, it's really great animation plus I really like the Resident Evil series of games & movies (yes I like the movies, even the second one that was kinda lame but still a good watch, almost like an Uwe Boll movie...hahaha). I like the way Degeneration kind of combined where Resident Evil 4 left off (Leon is back from Spain) and mentions a few things that happen in Resident Evil 5 (Tricell). It's good, you should check it out if you are a fan.
Tonight we are having turkey burgers and tots, watching a movie and relaxing...I am soooo tired, so I am going to go change into my jams and veg the rest of the afternoon away.
Enjoy the day!!!

Daddy letting Allison try her first Peep

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