Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad to See it Go But, Not Really

I closed my online store today. I never really had the time to devote to it to make the kind of money I needed. I was trying to raise some money to buy a bigger car. We really need one, right now we are driving around in a 2 door Hyundai accent. The car is so small that I have to ride in the back seat and when we have any company staying with us, like my sister, we have to take 2 cars because we just can't fit more than 2 adults and 1 car seat in there.
My Hyundai is a great car. I bought it before we were married(1st major purchase I made)and it is paid off which is totally nice not having another payment we can't afford.
Scott said if I find a used car for $1000 we could get it but, the cars I find don't meet his criteria. He wants less than 60,000 and not a blazer, jimmy, jeep or any of the other cheap SUVs you can get for 1k...ummm...ok I can deal with it. But Allison is getting big and we are going to have to switch car seats soon and we have talked about another baby and right now my trunk is stuffed with essential baby things that I need to haul around like, diaper bag, a bag with 2 carriers and a cart cover, and the small stroller no room for any shopping bags and forget groceries, I have to clear out the trunk before I go. If I had the room I would carry all that stuff plus the jogger with room to spare for the groceries.
I saw a Subaru Wagon for sale down the street and I have my eye on a Ford Expedition. They both look pretty roomy and safe to haul around our happy family but I have to come up with some creative way to convince Scott that we can afford one of these and that might mean I have to sell my cute little Hyundai to upgrade. I know that the Hyundai will understand if we have to sell it and I don't want it to be sad if we do. It has been a great little car. It drove all of us home from the hospital after Allison was born. It got us down to Vegas for our Honeymoon and taken us on numerous road trips around California. It is a great car and I love it but sometimes you have to set the things you love free. You always have your memories.
Enjoy the weekend!!

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