Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Road Always Traveled, Well at Least Once a Year

I have been thinking about whether or not to include my new diet info on this blog or create another one. I have tried in the past to have more than one blog and have failed to update either one. I know I have strongly encouraged the whole clean eating lifestyle and I do try to keep my family eating as healthy as I can but I find that it is quite difficult to buy food for multiple people in the house (there are only the 3 of us) if it is all different.
Since having Allison back in July I have been gearing myself up to the challenge of losing the baby weight. I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers. A little background, I never really did go to the meetings, I got the info from my MIL and online. The points system really worked for me and kept me accountable for what I was eating, be it healthy or not. I never did go over my points for the day and I got to my goal weight of 117 lbs, alas that was back in 2005.
So here in 2009 I have decided to go back on point. I will obsess about the numbers and eat what I want and exercise every day and I will hopefully get back down to at least 120 by mid May. I am shooting for about 2 lbs a week (not to much to ask of myself is it?). I will update my weekly weigh ins (Wednesday) and I will keep a journal of the food I eat.

All right here it is today's weight and my starting weight...are you ready??? I'm really not, but here it goes...139.8...OMG I can't believe I have let the whole internet know my weight. Well at least I can only get better from now, I mean I have to try to impress all of you with my uber healthy ways, right?
I am going to start blogging the menus after I get my kitchen in order and all the Easter candy is gone (haha). No seriously, I will start journaling my yumminess of food choices (hopefully with pictures, cause you all know how I like the pictures)as soon as I get myself centered again. The last week and a half have been kinda of draining and tiring. I made terrible food choices and no exercise. It really does affect your health.

For you regular readers (if there are any out there) I will still be writing about my daily happenings and exciting life being a stay at home mom (with a baby who is crawling and getting into everything and making me run after her, and getting into everything and playing with the xbox and cords that are NOT plugged in, and did I mention getting into everything). I will also post all the adorable pics of my family and home life. So don’t miss out on my journey to better myself and family.
Enjoy the day!!!
Mama how do you turn on the Xbox again???

Take off the diaper and I am off like the wind...catch me if you can...hahaha!!!

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