Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend...

I had the most wonderful and fun weekend. On Saturday I did the Growing Healthy Families Race. We were going to do the 5k but as they were announcing the start Allison started crying and I knew she wasn't going to last so I ended up doing the 1 mile fun walk. Allison did pretty good. I was joined by my sister and my MIL so it was fun. And you get lots of free stuff like juice, rice cakes and rice chips. They also had some booths set up with information about nutrition and giant fruits and veggies walking around. When I do the race (5k) next year Allison will be alittle more aware of the fun things going on. Afterwards we went to lunch and just kicked back the rest of the day.

On Mother's Day we all went Costco and picked up some lunch. We brought it back to our house and then played Rock Band. I was the singer, Scott played lead guitar and Holly played bass. It was so much fun. I did get a few pics of Allison singing while Daddy played the guitar (the mic wasn't plugged in). She might just be the lead singer of a band, what do you think?? Then we just kicked back the rest of the day.

Scott also gave me a card in the morning from Allison. It is the cutest card with a little note he wrote from Allison in it. I almost cried when he handed it to me. It was a complete surprise. My sis also gave me one and it was so sweet.
It was the best 1st Mother's Day ever.
I hope you all enjoyed yours and enjoy the rest of the day!

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