Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Kitchen Tour a Day Late

A wonderful blog I read Kelly's Korner is having a "show us where you live Friday". Well like always I am a day late but I thought I would share my very small galley type kitchen. We remodeled the kitchen in 2007/2008 and added a ton of storage compared to what was existing. I just love the new kitchen, please excuse the mess I now have a mobile child and have to wait till she is down for a nap to clean the entire house. Also, we do not have a DISHWASHER can you believe it, so don't mind the dishes in the sink...hahaha.

We installed a cork floor and it is the warmest floor in the house, surprisingly and you can stand on it all day and your feet won't ache, very cushy.

I wanted a bright practical kitchen so I chose whites and neutrals, please don't mind the dishes...hahaha!

We also chose to have art glass in the upper cabinets. Single sheets of art glass were cut to fit, green to match the flooring.

Miss Allison waiting for breakfast.

Now some of my favorite things about the kitchen, besides a place to keep all the FOOD...yummy yum!

The window above the sink. It has a great view of the back patio so I can daydream while doing the dishes.

Stainless steel above the stove. It is part of the original kitchen, I just love it, kinda reminds me of a restaurant kitchen.

OK, the last two pictures might seem offensive to some of the housewives out there but I am a collector of vintage housewifey things and cookbooks from the 50's and 60's. I find these 2 pictures pretty funny so I hung them in my kitchen.

I got this picture form Harry Spanner Magazine, now I don't know what this magazine is but the corner of the picture says that's where it's from so I will give them credit. I thought it was pretty funny so I framed it and it has been hanging in the kitchen form about 5 years now.

This last one is a magazine article from Housekeeping Monthly May 1955 and I thought that the "rules" of the housewife back then was simple and they always treated there husbands with respect in some superior man way that has been lost through the years :)

I hope you all have enjoyed my kitchen and enjoy the rest of the day!

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