Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changes Again

Ok, well I am sorry for all the stuff that I have been doing to my blog, moving from one place to another but, I have decided to stick with blogger because I can upload movies and stuff, and it is much easier than wordpress.
My other blog though, Heed Eats will stay at wordpress.

So sorry again for all the confusion but I have alot of movies that I want to post eventually and who cares if my blog looks professional or's a blog...not a TCS report, hehehe.

Anyway, back to normal around here. A three day weekend is coming up and we are bbqing and hanging out around the house doing housey things.

Last Sunday Allison had her first doughnut. DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL...well she liked the custard filling, bu that's it. We didn't like it either. I ate half of mine and let out a big was too much, I just can't see how people can eat doughnuts and soda for breakfast - totally gross, makes me ill just thinking of all the sugar, blah!

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