Thursday, September 17, 2009


This morning (1 am) Allison woke up restless and could not calm down. I rocked her for a half hour before putting her back to bed and then going back to sleep myself.
She woke up this morning around 6 am and we took her temp, slightly elevated and so I called the doctor and had to cancel play group for today.
Well the nurse told me that there is a slight fever lasting for 3 days then moving on to diarrhea. Keep her drinking lots of fluids. If it progresses to the diarrhea she will have to eat the BRAT diet, go to the doctor and rest. I hope that the diarrhea will not happen but the joys of motherhood include the occasional sickness and sleepless nights.

Enjoy the day, I have to go get some liquids for my poor princess.

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