Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fairy Princess

I was at the Dollar Store on Monday looking at Halloween stuff when I came across fairy wings. They were only a dollar so I got Allison some. They match the fairy skirt she got last year. She hates the wings but, I make her wear them cause she looks so adorable and this is the only time in her ife I will be able to dress her the way I want. Girly, frilly, fluffy, ruffly and bejewled...all the things that make you a girly girl.

I tell you what, this girl loves to pose. She is not camera shy. She has had a camera in her face since she was 1 hour old, maybe that has something to do with it, what do you think???

Done with pictures...just after I turned off the camera she was off and playing again, no crying.

So after she played fairy princess, daddy came home and they spent some time together. There is one thing that those to love, being a ham in front of the camera. Here is one of the cuter picture of those faces made in this one.

Have a wonderful day.

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