Thursday, September 10, 2009

Writers Block

I have writers block. I can't think of anything exciting that has gone on this week. Instead I will make a list (because I like my lists)

things Allison is climbing on
1.the couch
2.the chair in her room
3.the box that I use as a table
4.the coffee table (almost)
5.her walker that has wheels so it rolls away from her when she tries

things Allison is eating
1.ham & cheese quesadilla
2.leaves & dirt from the garden tomatoes she picks herself
4.2 pounds of grapes (she ate them by herself in less than a week)
5.the hairball I was meaning to vacuum up (guess I don't have to now)

Allison's different tantrum styles that make us laugh
1.head flings back, arms flail
2.forehead on ground, scoots around
3.goes limp in arms and tries to drop to ground
4.fake cry and turns to parent that didn't scold her
5.stomps feet and flails arms like she's pissed

A few things she learned this weekend

Whiskey bottles are heavy

Hungry butts eat onsies

Wheelbarrow rides are fun

falling in to the pool is even funner

ending up with no clothes on is priceless

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