Friday, September 4, 2009

Used Meat on Buns

I rented a cooking DVD from Netflix. It was Robin Miller's something or other, Quick Fixes or something like that. Anyway, I watched it with Scott because our instant Netflix took a poop and we couldn't get back online.
So we sat down to watch it and it was...boring and uninspiring and she "kinda looks like a zombie with makeup" he said. The food was normal food though. Leftover meat (used meat as Scott called it this morning) put on buns with cheese and broiled. Original, anyone who had ever been hungry and lazy has thrown a sandwich together like this, you don't need a cook on tv to show you how.

The greatest thing Scott told me though was and I quote "you should have a cooking show".
I know I cook and bake really well, but to say I can make better food than someone on the television, wow.
Now if it was a tv producer telling me that, I would be like "WOW, how much too cook used meat on buns with cheese."

Three day weekend starts this afternoon when Scott gets home. I am excited to have some time off from laundry and housework, but I am going to cook alot. Some gooey lasagna, grilling some burgers and serving it up with waffle fries and pasta salad, maybe some used meat on buns for something different.

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