Monday, September 28, 2009

Chico Palio

I don't know what the palio is, something to do with horses, but we tagged along with grandma on Saturday to check it outIt was interesting. Lots of local people in booths handing out info, some dancers from a local ballet company, the childrens choir. It also kicked off the start of Artoberfest. Allison had a blast watching the hip hop dance group. She was bouncing around in her stroller to the music.
We walked around, checked out the horses that schools, communities and business volunteered to make and voted on the best one. Check out some of the creative ideas

Anyway, the weekend provided me with lots of cute pictures so let me melt our heart with the cuteness
enjoying the sunshine at the palio

eating with a fork, she ate all of her mashed potatoes in one bite

future climber or table dancer (hehehe), she was showing off for grandma

my favorite fairy picture, I can't believe how big she is getting

her new best friend, pooh bear blankie...she carries him everywhere, to the grocery store, in the car, out in the yard, through the mud, you name it & pooh bear goes along

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