Wednesday, June 30, 2010

27 Weeks, I Think

Last time I was at the Doctors office I had asked her how many weeks I am, I just can't seen to remember. I know I am getting closer to 30 weeks because I had my glucose test done today.

Totally YUCK!!!! For those of you who have never had the privlige, let me explain. You get to the clinic and as you are filling out paperwork you have to drink some really sweet liquid (purified water and glucose). You also get a choice of orange or lemon lime. This time I chose lemon lime, with Allison I had orange. After that the nurses set the timer and you ahve to wait there for an hour, then get blood drawn. Bring something to do because you don't get to leave and you have to fast the night before, so get to the clinic early so you are not starving all day.

Afterward, I went home and cleaned some then watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress season 4. I am getting ideas for Allison's wedding already...hehehe.

Tomorrow we have a busy day, so I will be posting some time in the afternoon. All of us a gearing up for the 3 day weekend. Our plans don't include much, bbqing, fireworks, swimming, lazing in the sun...the usual stuff.

I will see you tomorrow.

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