Thursday, June 24, 2010


Allison & I didn't have anything planned today. So we just hung out and ran a few errands. We were completly out of fruit and farmers market isn't until Saturday so we ventured to the store and bought some bananas, strawberries (which aren't too bad) and some blueberries.
When we got home she watched The Country Bears for the 1,000th time while jumping on the couch. I did dishes and picked up the house.

I finally got my butt in gear yesterday and started on my lists. I finished my hospital packing list, the freezer meals list and some IRA contribution tax stuff done. Pretty decent...I still have a few more lists to make and then I have to start crossing things off said lists but I have about 14 weeks left so that should give me plenty of time.

This afternoon, mind you it is like 95 here, I pulled weeds in the garden while Allison played in the hose. When Scott got home we did some yard work. He got the spot ready for our apple tree and we talked about the pond filter and pump we have on order.
We have alot of these little guys around the yard and garden.

Every 7 years or so the come by the thousands. It's hard not to step on them or mow them up. Right now they are pretty mild but next year they will be everywhere.
We introduced Allison to her first frog...she didn't like it.

After it landed on her shoe she wouldn't wear them anymore. Being two, she probably didn't realise she was sitting in the grass where there are hundreds more of them hopping around.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!

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