Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First Day of June

It was finally warm enough to take Allison swimming again. She loves the pool and will stand in there shivering, refusing to get out. So I'm forced to roll up my pant legs and jump in to save my freezing child from hypothermia.

She had tons of fun though.

I also let her play with my old iPod shuffle. She loves it. The ear buds are too big so she holds them to her ears and dances away. It's nice to have some peace and quiet while she entertains herself.

Speaking of entertaining herself, guess who had to chase around a toddler for 2 hours yesterday?

Me, and you know why??

She decided she wasn't tired and needed to wear princess clothes and high heels. I decided to appease her and let her wear the princess dress to bed, but I found her peeking around the corner of the hallway to see what I was doing, smiling and giggling. I marched her back to bed, put her into some jammies, laid her back down and put the baby gate up. Then I hear a thump.

What was that thumping sound, you ask?

Well she decided to get out her toy box and empty the whole thing out, play with the noise maker table thing and get into the drawer with the "tiny baby" hat and booties in it. She also emptied all her princess clothes out, dragged the chest over the the baby gate and stood on it so she could look down the hallway.

After the 2 hours of thrashing her room she climbed herself into bed and covered up, falling fast asleep for half an hour.

Thank goodness, a little more quiet time for mom to relish in before new baby comes.

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