Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reallly Quick

To give a quick update, my poor Allison had to go to the Doctor this morning because she woke up and was coughing so hard and crying "ouchy, ouchy". I felt so bad so I called the Dr. office and they had us go in at 10am.

Thank goodness because she is coming down with bronchitis. Poor angel.

We filled her prescription, and bought some juice for her. When we got home I thought I could give her the medicine all by myself...big mistake. I filled the dropper, squeezed it in her mouth and she barfed all over me, the floor, her shoe and shirt.
I dropped everything and was catching barf in my hands while she tried to walk away. I felt so bad for Allison because it really sucks getting sick, yet disgusted because I was walking around with barf in my hands (I think they still smell like it)
Thank God I am not suffering from morning sickness anymore.

After that she curled up in bed and is now fast asleep.

Tomorrow I am waiting for Scott to get home to help me with the medicine.

I hope you all have had a more pleasant day.

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