Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Morning to Myself

Right now Allison is still sleeping. I can not tell you how long it has been since she hasn't gotten up at 5:30 with us, so it is nice to have some quiet time this morning. I really wish I was enjoying a cup of coffee.

Today I am starting off my super cleaning and will last all week. I am preparing for the new baby and making things sparkly and clean (even though I have about 3 1/2 more months). But I have a lot to do so might as well start now.

The week looks like this:
Tues. - Allison's Room - store old clothes, shoes & toys, wipe down walls, clean windows and screens, dust, vacuum
Wed. - Master Bedroom - dust, vacuum, wipe down walls, clean windows & screens, dust ceiling fan, store some stuff
Thurs. - Living/Dining Room - dust, vacuum, rearrange bookcase,

get rid of old books & magazines, get a few new house plants, clean out dvd cabinet, wipe walls, clean windows & screens

Friday - Bathroom - toss all old medicines & unused items, wash towels and rugs, clean light fixtures, wipe down mirror, counter tops, sinks, and shower, wipe walls and doors.

The kitchen will have to wait until Monday.

I am going to finish cleaning out the drawers and cupboards. Donate a bunch of stuff, pledge the cabinets, you know, finish the job I started about 2 weeks ago.

Well I hope you enjoy your day, I can't wait to get mine started, I have got the cleaning bug something fierce.

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  1. Such nice counter space! I can't wait to move and have some counter space :)