Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Weeks to Go!!!

If you haven't noticed I am really excited about the arrival of our new baby. The count down started a while ago but now that I only have a few weeks left I REALLY have to get everything ready.

I decided on a jogger stroller so I am buying that with a new moby wrap since I need one for the hospital (breast feeding is so much easier with a wrap).
I finished the BIG grocery list. I plan on going shopping next week and prepping all the food for a month.

I am still trying to figure out sleeping arrangments for everyone. We have plenty of beds but Allison switches from her bed to the crib every 3 nights or so. I guess she isn't quite ready to give up being the baby yet.

Isn't she so fancy in her "my fancy my dress" that is Allison speak for my fancy dress.

I see you!!!

Have a great day, now I am off to vacuum before Allison comes home.

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