Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, Hooray!!!

I have waited all week for Friday to come.

This is what I want to do this weekend.

I want to sleep in until 7:00.
I don't want to do any housework or laundry.
I want to take Allison to the park.
I want to make waffles for breakfast.
I want to take an afternoon nap without interruption.
I want to be lazy and rub my big baby belly.
I want to cuddle on the couch with Allison and watch Cinderella or Snow White.
I want to eat steak with potatoes and something green.
I want to snack on M&M's - the regular kind.
I want to drink 7up and juice mocktails.

But this is most likely how the weekend will end up.

I have a feeling we are going to be really busy, Allison will probably wake up at 6am, I will be too tired to make waffles, it will be too hot to go to the park, I know I will have to vacuum at least once this weekend (with a toddler you have to do it at least once or twice a day), I will forget to pick up some M&M's at the store, Allison will want to watch Olivia instead of Cinderella and my afternoon nap will not happen because Allison will refuse to sleep, making me pull out the last of the brown hairs on my head, because "DARN IT MAMA WANTS TO NAP, AHHHHHHH!!!!" but you know how it goes mommies are not allowed to nap.

Either way the weekend ends up I am just very happy that we get to spend it together and enjoy our time spent doing whatever we can as a family.

Have a great and relaxing weekend.

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