Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Month to Go

Being 9 months pregnant is exhausting. I just woke up from a much needed almost 2 hour nap and I don't feel refreshed in the slightest.

This weekend daddy had to work so Allison & I stayed home and watched princess movies and goofed off.

Friday night we had to run some errands and get dinner (such a nice break from cooking all week). Allison was a bit dirty so I wanted to give her a quick bath.

Giving her a bath in the big tub is a real challange because of my belly, Scott gets her in and out. I put her in the kitchen sink, like when she was 6 months old. She has out grown it by a mile, but still so cute.

We opted for pizza that night, she ate a whole slice by herself. I honestly can not figure out where she puts all that food.

On Saturday we went to bring dad some Rockstar and lunch. He is working at his cousins house so Allison got to play around a bit. We ended up going over there twice that's why the outfit change.

Sunday, Grandma came over and took us out to frozen yogurt. Allison is now big enough to have her own little scoop. It was gone in a blink.
Then she said "need mo' ice cream"

On the baby front, I am Huge. Uncomfortable. Tired. My hips hurt and I have a few contraction like pains every once in a while.

I am SO happy that I only have about 4 weeks to go, but he can come anytime he likes. I am ready to go. Bags are packed, car seat is installed, freezer is stuffed, house is somewhat organized. He can come any day now and I would be ready.
Do you hear me little guy??? Any time is fine with me.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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