Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 More Weeks

We have about 6 more weeks until Scott jr. will be arriving.

Everyone who has kids knows when you get closer to the due date strange things begin to happen, like cleaning the house and yard like a mad woman. I guess it's part of nesting or something written in our genetic code that makes us clean freaks for the last few weeks. Which ever it is, I am glad to have these sperts of energy. Without them the house would look like a hurricane with little sticky hands blew through.

I am fearing the hospital stay or should I say the coming home part. Leave Scott and Allison alone for 20 minutes while I cook dinner and every crayon, marker, toy, doll and blanket are in the living room. Not to mention the dirty socks and shoes lying in the middle of the living room.
Here is a mild example...

Leave them home for a few days, I can't even imagine what the place will look like.

I am trying to get everything as prepared as possible, since I am a list making super planner. I have had an ongoing list since the begining of July. Everything from birthdays to baby showers to hospital packing are on that list. I have also made a menu list and grocery list for all the things I need to prepare for a months worth of freezer foods. And there is a page of super easy recipes for Scott to make when I am just too tired.

I have cleaned all the closets, donations of used clothes and shoes just left the house, Allison and Scott jr.'s room is organized, I have started packing the little things (toiletries, nursing bras and camis, gift for Allison and some snacks), car seat is installed, and all the new baby clothes, blankets and sheets are washed and put away.
In 3 weeks I will cook and freeze meals, deep clean the house and closets again, wash things I never even tought to, and probably donate more useless things I hold onto for some reason or another.
In 5 weeks, well lets just say this phase isn't pretty. I will probably start some super huge project that has to be done that day or I will just flip out, like digging up and resoding the lawn or maybe clean and remodel the entire garage because it just can't WAIT 3 MORE YEARS!!! Or maybe get on the roof and scrub the tiles, because a dirty roof OMG!!! It needs to be clean when the new baby comes home!!! He will totally notice if it's not!!!
Maybe I will be chill and relaxed and just ready for everything to happen...who am I kidding, that will never happen. I will probably vacuum the house the day I come home from the hospital because I am anal like that...

Have a great day!!!

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