Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Almost Ready

Here's what I think of baby brother!!!

I finally have the freezer packed full of post pregnancy least a months worth of stuff. Thank goodness because I keep having dreams that the little guy is going to be here early.

I have most of my stuff packed for the hospital and Scott jr.'s stuff is ready to go. I do have a few things for Allison that I need to wrap (from her brother & to keep her busy at the long hospital visits). I also have some snacks and juice for Scott and Allison that need to go into the bag.

Other than that nothing is going on. We are trying to keep it low key around here. Plus I am SO big and it is SO hot that I am feeling exhausted and lazy. I really don't want to do anything except stay in the air conditioned house. Luckily Allison doesn't mind playing dress up or playing with dollies with me.

Hope you all have a great afternoon!!!

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