Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family is #1

In order for you to make your family #1 is to take care of oneself first. There are a few things I do to make myself feel better ergo I can take better care of my family. My list isn't very long and a few I have just started to do but they make me feel better about myself, make me feel beautiful and feminine and sexy for my husband, give me energy and let me be on my A game since I am needed 24/7.

1. I love to have clean teeth and fresh breath, a pretty smile is beautiful. I brush as soon as I get up, lighten them once a week (I'm a tea drinker - non caffine), floss after dinner, chew gum after lunch or rinse with mouthwash, brush before bed. I do this every day, it keeps me fresh.

2. Workout every day. It gives me energy to keep me going when I am needed, be it day or night. I am usually up by 5:30 am and in bed by 11:00 pm so I need as much energy as possible.

3. I eat well, don't drink, smoke, or do drugs or drink sodas or sugary foods. I take care of my body. It feels great to be healthy, I can pass on my healthy habits to my husband and my daughter.

4. After my workout I take a hot shower. I treat it like I was at a spa. I do the normal shower things, wash hair - use good smelling shampoo & conditioner, shave, wash body - use good smelling soap, but after the shower, before I dry off, I use a good smelling lotion (fruit or vanilla scented)and rub all over my body while still wet, then towel off. Having great skin makes you look younger and soft skin feels so nice.

5. I dress nice. I love my jeans but when I wear them I pair it with a nice shirt, blouse or sweater. I even wear slacks with a nice shirt on some days and always wear nice shoes, heels if you like. Skirts and dresses are also nice but those a given for being nice.

6. Keep toes painted. It gives your feet a sexy look. I always have mine painted a feminine color; red or pink. Never shocking blue, green, black or purple. I am a woman and I like to keep it feminine.

7. Get a good haircut. I have naturally curly hair so it is easy to style. I keep it short (for right now), above my shoulders. After my shower I add moouse, scrunch and let it air dry. then lightly pull back the front to keep it out of my face and so Allison can't grab it.

These things really help me to keep going, keep me in a good mood, and lets me pamper myself. You really need to take care of your self and what's better than doing it for your family.
Have a wonderful day and go pamper yourself a little bit.

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