Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The past couple of days I have been enjoying the beautiful days of 70 degree weather. Allison and I have been plying outback everyday and getting some sun (we are both very white, blinding white in fact).
Yesterday I got together all the picnic stuff and was hoping to go on a picnic today but it looks like rain is in the forcast. I mean it's only March and I am ready for summer. We are going to buy Allison a little pool to play in and a big beach towel for her birthday. I can't wait for that, I am already planning her birthday can you believe it??
Today my poor husband has to work so Allison and I are going to wash some sheets and do housework, very fun and exciting...I really now how to spend a saturday afternoon.
Not much else is going on, I told Scott that I am going to stop the Hard Body Challenge and concentrate on some other things like my store. He had given me some good advice the other day, he told me "It's not how many things you do, it's how good you do them." So the last post that I wrote about doing all that stuff, I am cutting down the list and concentrating one just a few of them.
Well I'm off to so some stuff, don't know what yet but something.
Enjoy the day, and I hope these pictures are an insparation for when the summer comes.

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