Thursday, March 5, 2009

Teething - No More Toothless Grin

Allison has started teething, she is sleeping right now so I have a few minutes to tell you that it is no fun for any of us right now. She is so miserable, I feel sorry for her. She is chewing on everything, but nothing seems to calm her except chewing on my hair and biting my nose. Last night she grabbed on to both sides of my head and then swooped in and bit my nose. She bit so hard that my eyes watered and I almost cried. She thought it was funny and started laughing out loud, and kept laughing ever time I looked at her. One of her teeth has already cut through so hopefully it is almost over.
In other news, I am thinking of starting a online store for thrifty mommys. I will write more about it tomorrow, Allison is awake now and crying, I need to go pamper her.

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