Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Needing a Break

I took a day off yesterday to spend some time with Allison. I know i'm with her everyday but sometimes I feel I need to just do all the things she like to do like walk around the neighborhood, play blocks, watch the koi, play in the backyard, sleep in, etc. We did all that yesterday and it was fun, now i'm back and refreshed (that could be because i slept in until 9 this morning)...hehe...
Anyway, I have been having a hard time with staying on track, I haven't faltered, but I want to, I want to splurge on sugary goodness and bacon and Martha Sterwart hasn't been helping either. I just got alot of old MS from my mother in law and have been going through them. Well, everytime I do I get so inspired to do crafts, organize the house and cook.
I want to cook all the delicious cookies and food, and desserts, all of it. But if I do there goes the whole clean eat thing. I have to stay strong and not stray far from my good habits.
Alright I am going to take monkeybutt for a walk and then hopefully she will take a nap
Enjoy the day!!!

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