Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Chomping Away

Precious Allison has started to get her second tooth. It just cut the surface this morning and she is miserable. I try everything to get her to calm down, but everything makes her cry. Her rattle falls, she cries. She skoots out of her chair to the floor, she cries. Her spaghetti noodle is on her chin, she cries. She sits up by herself, she cries. It is a little comical because there is really no reason for her to cry under normal circumstances.
I finally got her down for a nap, which probably won't last much longer but a little rest is better than none.
Early this morning, like 4 am, Allison started crying so I brought her back to bed with us so we could get some more sleep before the alarm went off. Let me tell you, sleeping between Scott and Allison is so noisy. I am the only one in the bunch that didn't fall back to sleep. On one side I have a nine month old sucking her thumb right in my face and on the other side I have Scott practically snoring. I went back to bed after Scott left and slept until 8 am, Allison slept until 8:30. I watched her for a while and she smiles in her sleep. She must be dreaming about something good...hehe.
Scott just walked through the door, home early, yeah!!! We are going for a walk, he doesn't know it yet, but we are.
I have alot to say about this weekend because we were so busy but family first.
Enjoy the day.

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