Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Many Projects??

Well, I found out that the only time I get to sleep in is when I lose an hour. I was up at 6:oo am on Sunday with Allison, a whole half hour later, yeah!!! Poor thing is so miserable. The tooth is there but has barely shoved its way through.
So anyway, I talked about starting an online store and I have a great idea for one and i'm all pumped and ready to get it started but, Scott (husband) says i'm taking trying to do to many things. I don't think that I am, I think I can manage all the stuff I do. Let's review all the projects I am doing now.
1. Hardbody Challange - working out 45 mins a day and clean eating, doesn't seem to take that much time and the clean eating is a lifestyle change
2. Housework - this is schedule out for the week so I know what days I do what and everything gets done, I even do it for laundry.
3. Planning & planting the summer garden, weeding, taking care of and watering, also replanting some things in the shade and planting new stuff in the front yard
4. Running - want to run a 5k before I turn 32, so I run every day except the weekends
5. Blog - this is something I do when Allison is napping for the 20 minutes (if i'm lucky)
6. Organizing - I want to organize everything in the house eespecially the closets and I want to make the master bedroom a nice place for Scott and me to relax and have intimate time together (more about this in another post)

Only 6 things, I can fit in one more. The store is going to be project #7.
I love being busy, hehehe.
Enjoy your day,

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  1. So where does taking care of your husband fit? Would that be under #2 or #6. It not about how many things you can do, its about how many things you can do with great passion.