Thursday, March 26, 2009

Groceries on a Budget

I have been trying all morning to get a grocery list together and have it come out to around $40 for a weeks worth of food. We are cutting back on some spending and this is one way for me to try and help. We buy a lot of unnecessary stuff at the store and I am trying to weed those things out and prepare healthy meals on $40. I didn't relize it was so hard. I usually just go to the store and spend whatever I want, when it really comes down to it I spend alot. I have decided I am not giving up my new love, coffee, with caffine. I really don't know how I did it before, with out the coffee I mean, and Scott isn't giving up his cocktail hour so those are some things I will stock up on when they are in sale.
I have broken the week down like this:
Monday - Mexican
Tuesday - Italian
Wednesday - Skillet Meal
Thursday - Casserole Night
Friday - Homemade Fast Food
Saturday - New Recipe Night or Leftovers
Sunday - Crockpot Meal
Now I am trying to come up with economical meals that fit for each night and trying to buy the ingredients on sale in the weekly ads. So far I have added the sale items up and I am over by $20, but that is by Raley's ad, and they are one of the more exensive stores (Safeway is the most expensive so I don't even look at their ad).
I have created the list for the weeks meals, it looks like this.
Taco with Rice & bean salad
Ravioli with bagette & salad
Chicken skillet meal with broccoli
Lasagne with salad
Turkey burgers with Tots and grapes
Tuscan chicken, noodles and salad
crockpot chicken, potaotes, carrots & onions
Allison eats what we are having ground up or one of the jarred 3rd foods and cottage cheese for dinner.
Now I am making a list based on the meals and ads and what I have on hand and NOT shopping at Raley's, I am taking the list to Grocery Outlet. I have a coupon for them, $5 off $50 purchase, easy, I can spend that much. My usual store is Winco but I want to try a store closer to me and see how much I can really save when I am trying. This week is a test run. (NOTE: I have not given up eating clean...ok I have a little...I am just watching what I eat, with a family it is difficult to keep myself on track and we don't have the budget to buy different groceries for everyone)

Next week when I go shopping I am clipping coupons and shopping at a discount store or the 99 cent store or both depending on what we need.
If this little experiment works then conrgratulations to me and all the money I am going to save. I hope I have given you some ideas on saving money.
Enjoy the day!!

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